Use of Natural Resources

Primary component of ecology is the study of how natural resources are used. The only way Armenia makes use of nature is the exploitation of mineral reserves. Both economically and environmentally balanced mining should contribute to the development of the well-being of the public, whereas mining solely based on private interests will inevitably lead to much greater damage. Every single mining project must clearly and in a measurable way state the advantage of benefits over the losses. The ratio of benefits and losses, in turn, must be based on the quality assessment of the values of all factors subject to impacts. However, Armenia’s mining industry is currently based entirely on private interests and a substantially diminished calculation of damages caused to both the environment and people, which results in much greater social and economic harm than benefits rendered by the sector. This assessment is also supported by the highly negative attitude of Armenia’s community residents towards the mining industry.

For years, we have dealt with issues related to mining operations in Armenia that had to do with not only ecological issues but also overall corruption risks in the sector. Below you can find data on five mines, the social and ecological problems and inherent corruption risks of which we have studied in much more detail. The data presented on these mines outlines the legal and institutional patterns that are applicable for all other mining projects being implemented in Armenia.