Key components of EcoRight’s activities are fundamental ecological issues, including those within their social and economic, legal, educational and cultural integrity. The activities of the organization are not limited to only legal issues but are also directed at promoting green economy, and sustainable development of renewable energy.

The social and economic, academic and cultural perception of ecology is the reason we use this term when describing our goals and activities rather than using more narrow terms such as “environmental protection” or “nature protection.” The use of nature’s wealth and natural resources should contribute to sustainable development and be based on the supremacy of public good and not on the principle of serving private interests. The theory of ecology helps with the assessment of benefits and losses from all perspectives when using natural resource for the well-being of people.

The overarching goal of the organization is to instill an ecological culture in Armenia with the help of our partners and supporters based on the awareness and protection of public interests as well as the vision of green economy.